+ Nurrungji +

run + they/them

Self taught artist who loves ocs and does comms now!!

+ pricing and examples +

  • Note that if you purchase from me its understood that youve read the Terms of service, all payments are through my Ko-fi

  • Refunds aren't allowed after payment

  • Max. of 3 revisions or edits on the piece after final

  • Backgrounds currently only available in single color, transparent, or simple gradient



Icon-35 USD
Teeny Chibi-18 USD


+ Icon

+ teeny chibi

+ half body (CLOSED)


+ terms of service +

Original CharactersNFTS
Slight Gore / BloodNSFW
Furries (Chibis only :3 ) 



Contact for details with commissioner and full payment is made before starting on the piece.+sketch will be sent and after sketch is approved, the piece will be continued / given to as final for sketch commissions+Final pieces will be received via email or gdrive (1 week - 2 months)


I, Nurrungji the artist:

  • Reserve the right to post the commissioned artwork online, as well as in my portfolio.

  • reserve the right to refuse a commission if uncomfortable.

You, The commissioner:

  • May provide clear references and descriptions to base off of. Defining if the character would like to be made more femme, masculine, or neither would help a lot in the process.

  • Reserve the right to post the commission online, with credits to the artist

  • May NOT make profits from the commissioned piece as these are only allowed for personal uses (ex. reselling, redistributing, etc.)

  • May NOT rush me to finish the commission. Though asking for any updates is completely fine!

+ FAQ +

What program do you use to draw?
+ i use clip studio paint ex !!! if you want a really good free program i reccomend medibang or ibispaintx
what do you use to draw on?
+ i use a huion h1060p drawing tablet
canvas sizes?
+ 2500x2500 for most of my art
brushes you use?
+ i normally use chojo pen 2 and godan brush :3